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    Solved [Fixed] Local mutes performed by a plugin are not reversible in the GUI

    As of B25 (and persistent since way back when), if a local mute is done by the plugin API, there is no way for the client GUI to remove the mute.

    This means that local-mutes on users performed by a plugin persist until A. the plugin performs an unmute, or B. a restart of TS3.

    Usage Example:
    ts3Functions.requestMuteClients(ts3Functions.getCu rrentServerConnectionHandlerID(), clientArray, NULL);

    Reproduction Steps:
    1. Locally mute a client using the above code in a plugin
    2. Go into the clients GUI
    3. They are shown as locally muted, but unmuting the user does nothing.

    Requested Solution:
    Please add a boolean true/false variable to this call which allows the plugin to *specify* whether they want to allow player mute/unmute

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    Thank you for your report. It has been written down into our bugtracker.

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    Should be fixed for next client release. Thanks for the report.

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