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    How to run TeamSpeak 3 server on FreeBSD as a daemon

    Now that the TeamSpeak 3 server beta has been made available on FreeBSD (thank you!) I have finally been able to upgrade from TeamSpeak 2. The tarball supplied works without modification, but you have to run the teamspeak server manually. It doesn't tie into the standard FreeBSD rc start script system to allow it to be started automatically when your server starts - like what the FreeBSD port wrapper of TeamSpeak 2 came with.

    Not being a FreeBSD guru, I searched for a while to try to find the best way to do it. Not finding much suitable, I knuckled down and rolled my own. Here it is for the benefit of anyone else trying to do something similar. As I said, I'm not a FreeBSD guru, so I welcome any feedback as to a better/simpler way to do it! Eventually I expect (hope) TeamSpeak 3 server will be packaged up into a FreeBSD port which will take care of all of this.

    Starting assumptions:
    1. You have downloaded and successfully installed the latest FreeBSD TeamSpeak 3 tarball.
    2. It is installed in /usr/local/lib/teamspeak3-server_freebsd-x86
    3. You have a 'teamspeak' user and group on your server, and that directory (and all contents) are owned by that user.
    4. You can successfully run the TeamSpeak 3 server as the 'teamspeak' user using both of the supplied start scripts in the tarball ( and

    Now to add the hooks into the FreeBSD rc script system: create a new shell script in the /usr/local/lib/teamspeak3-server_freebsd-x86 directory as follows:


    export PATH=".:$PATH"
    cd "$(dirname "${0}")"
    /usr/sbin/daemon -f -p ts3server_freebsd_x86 [email protected]
    Make sure that shell script is owned by teamspeak and executable.

    Create an rc script for TeamSpeak 3 as follows:


    # PROVIDE: teamspeak3
    # KEYWORD: shutdown
    # Add the following lines to /etc/rc.conf.local or /etc/rc.conf
    # to enable this service:
    # teamspeak3_enable (bool):     Set to NO by default.
    #                               Set it to YES to enable teamspeak3.
    . /etc/rc.subr
    load_rc_config $name
    run_rc_command "$1"
    Add a line to /etc/rc.conf to enable TeamSpeak 3:

    That's it! Reboot your FreeBSD box and TeamSpeak 3 should start automatically.

    Alternatively, you can manually start the server as follows:

    # /usr/local/etc/rc.d/teamspeak3-server start
    All of the standard FreeBSD rc commands are available:

    # /usr/local/etc/rc.d/teamspeak3-server
    Usage: /usr/local/etc/rc.d/teamspeak3-server [fast|force|one](start|stop|restart|rcvar|status|poll)
    Hope that helps someone.
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    Thanks a bundle for this tutorial.. I was going through this headache myself today and am happy as hell that the first google link that comes up will help me instead of having to search around and experiment for a couple of hours

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    Lightbulb Boot on startup, help me please!

    Hi all.

    I want to do auto start up my teamspeak 3 server when i type reboot on my freebsd server. How to do it? Please for fast help. Thank'u.

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    I know it's been awhile, but this post absolutely ROCKS.
    I would like to add one thing that I encountered. If you follow this procedure, and teamspeak3 still will not start on boot:
    Go to /usr/local/lib/teamspeak3-server_freebsd-x86/logs/
    Look at the last log. If you see THIS line in your logs:

    |ERROR   |ServerLibPriv |   | Server() error while starting servermanager, error: instance check error
    If you search the forums, everyone (EVERYONE) will try to direct you to the FAQ, which will help you solve this problem... on Linux. You'll see this in the FAQ:

    mount -t tmpfs tmpfs /dev/shm
    Only this doesn't work in FreeBSD. I was able to get past this by enabling a ramdisk in FreeBSD.

    Specifically, edit your rc.conf file, and create a ramdisk:

    And then reboot. This should fix that problem.

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    I just put teamspeak in a cronjob which gets executed @reboot. Very easy and works like a charm

    Execute this command:

    EDITOR=nano crontab -e
    Then put this in the crontab:
    @reboot /home/servers/teamspeak3-server_linux-amd64/ start
    Remember to replace /home/servers/ to where your teamspeak3-server directory is.

    Have fun.

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