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    TeamSpeak 3 Client 3.0.0-beta26 Available

    Hello everybody,

    today we released TeamSpeak 3 Client version 3.0.0-beta26. It fixes problems with the auto-reconnect logic, a bug which lead to the "Grant" values of permissions to appear empty even when they were set and a few other things.

    Here is the complete changelog:

    === Client Release 3.0.0-beta26 - 10 Aug 2010
    - Fixed local unmute when client was muted by plugin.
    + Added "Copy permission name" contextmenu to permission overview.
    + Added tooltip information to each entry in the webserver list.  
    * Changed default webserver list table, city and create channels columns are by
      default hidden, max clients and current clients joined into one column.      
    + Added contextmenu to webserver list table to enable or disable table columns.
    - Tab close button never gets focus to avoid accidential closing of server tab.
    - Fixed client info HTML templates showing the application scanner line even   
      if disabled.                                                                 
    - Fixed grant permissions now being displayed properly in permissions tree.    
    - Adjusted password and can-create-channels filter in webserver list window to 
      make the behaviour more obvious.                                             
      Hide full/empty servers filter and users filter no longer exclusive.

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    Thanks Peter! You guys have been busting your asses to get these out

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    Agreed, they've been coming thick & fast, no problems with the upgrade but I guess I've just beat the rush!!

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    when I update to client build 26 and restart, it reverts back to build 25... any ideas?

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    be sure that when you update that the process is really closed.
    check that the download goes well.

    Else you can download the beta26 client from the download section and install over the Beta25 (but to be sure, make a backup of your profile(s)

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    no reported problems from my group.
    and i force them to update on each update now
    with min client version on server.

    Great work Guys.

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    Quote Originally Posted by HHD_HELLBOUND View Post
    no reported problems from my group.
    and i force them to update on each update now
    with min client version on server.

    Great work Guys.
    I started doing that too ;-)
    I used to do a modal message that says 'please update' but no one would do it. Now, they don't have a choice :-P

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