Hello everybody,

today we released TeamSpeak 3 Client version 3.0.0-beta26. It fixes problems with the auto-reconnect logic, a bug which lead to the "Grant" values of permissions to appear empty even when they were set and a few other things.

Here is the complete changelog:

=== Client Release 3.0.0-beta26 - 10 Aug 2010
- Fixed local unmute when client was muted by plugin.
+ Added "Copy permission name" contextmenu to permission overview.
+ Added tooltip information to each entry in the webserver list.  
* Changed default webserver list table, city and create channels columns are by
  default hidden, max clients and current clients joined into one column.      
+ Added contextmenu to webserver list table to enable or disable table columns.
- Tab close button never gets focus to avoid accidential closing of server tab.
- Fixed client info HTML templates showing the application scanner line even   
  if disabled.                                                                 
- Fixed grant permissions now being displayed properly in permissions tree.    
- Adjusted password and can-create-channels filter in webserver list window to 
  make the behaviour more obvious.                                             
  Hide full/empty servers filter and users filter no longer exclusive.