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    x4-jet Guest

    failing to connect to server

    ok iv been using TS3 fo about 2 weeks and never had a problem till last night. i dont know what happend to not alow me to connect to a server iv been on for ages and of the 50+ people using that server im the only one geting this problem. iv tryed restarting my pc, redownloading and instaling TS3 but nothing works iv set my firewall to let TS3 past it. iv asked for help from the rest of my buddys on that server but no one knows whats going on. is there anything else i can try??? please help

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    x4-jet Guest
    let this post sit for a week and still no replie well this is a waist of crock seeing as my problem is still occuring. thanks for all the help seeing as i got loads (sarcasim)

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    It's not easy to help with the informations in your previous post.

    What is your server version ?
    WHat is your operating system ?
    The port are still forwarded in your router ?

    Have an error message or some informations in your server log ?

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