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Thread: Client Design

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    Client Design

    Few things that would make people's life a lot easier and they're so obvious im surprised they're still not included (or they are but I am not aware of it).

    1. Ability to filter main server window messages (for example: i want to see only Connected and Disconnected messages. Nothing more.)
    2. Ability to filter channel/client list with just a hit of the button. For example : 500 clients in server, 300 channels. Would be cool if i could just see 2 of em that im intrested with.
    3. Ability to hotkey admin actions like Kick from Channel (with pre-entered reason) or ban from server. Hotkey should be applied to selected player.
    4. Multi-Move/Kick/Ban function. There is a plugin for it, but its so obvious and so useful it would be cool to just be able Shift + Select people/channels.
    5. The Chat "Click on nickname" menu more options than the channel list click, and I have to say, these options are very useful. For example - I sometimes choose to move someone from his channel to random channel just to have his nick in logs, and than click his name in log to select "Move to own channel".
    6. Some not-painfull way to select one client and remove all or just some of his permissions.

    If there is a way to do these things that I am not aware of, please, enknowledge me. I'll be very grateful.

    Cheers, Mark.

    Oh, one more thing. Customizable Client Info on the right side of teamspeak window when selected. Why not display Idle Time and something more? It looks... Empty...
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    Supporting most things. Filtering out messages (Players switching channels) are not of any interest to most people probably. Also, the ability to skin the different links would be great (And it can be done, Mumble lets you skin the links in their logs without any problems)

    Also, a complete list of strings usable in the ClientInfo.tpl files would be great. (Basically what Mark said in his edit)

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