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    Solved [This is not SpySpeak] [Suggestion] chat log

    There should be a place for the admin of the team speak to see the chat from members. I think should be put out in permissions area on the drop down bar. It would be a good thing for admin to know what going on the sever.

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    Such a feature for spying won't be included. We don't support that!

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    TS 3 Can the Server Query Admin read Private Messages?

    Hi everyone,
    I've got a question, is the Server Query Admin able to read private messages?
    A friend told me not to write about our "Server Query Admin" because he said that he got the rights to read this. I watched at the at the permissions and found nothing. Is it able to do this or is it a fake? I hope you can help me
    Best regards
    (sorry for the bad english -> from Germany)

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    teamspeak not spyspeak. search around the forums and you will see.

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