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    Conection Sound

    Could you please add an option to play a sound to administrators when a client connects to the server. I have my server set up where a guest is stuck in the default channel untill an admin moves him. Please advise.

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    You can just have every Admin subscribe to your Default channel and have them activate a soundpack. If they just want to hear when someone joins the Server let them disable all the Checkboxes but Client->connection->connected->Server.

    It seems the default soundpacks do not have a sound for this, so you would need to edit the soundpack file, use the Text to Speech pack or any custom pack from the addons page which includes a sound for this event.

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    As Silent says you need a soundfile for this event.
    If you have one, edit the "settings.ini" in your soundpack and edit following line
    CLIENT_CONNECTION_CONNECTED_SERVER = play("<your_sound_file>")

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    Thread Merged.

    Next time decomp, please use the search function before

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    Quote Originally Posted by florian_fr40 View Post
    Ok there is some changes.

    1 Go into the sound folder
    Client installation folder > sound > select the folder from soundpack you use)
    Download the attached file (the zip file) and extract.

    2 Open the settings.ini
    # client connection connected
    CLIENT_CONNECTION_CONNECTED_SERVER = play("neutral_connection_connected_server.wav")
    # client connection disconnected
    CLIENT_CONNECTION_DISCONNECTED_SERVER = play("neutral_connection_disconnected_server.wav")
    3 Start your client and enable the sound
    Settings > Options > Notifications > Client > Connection > Connected/Disconnected

    Check the "Server" option
    This sound line should appears.
    Hi I try to add this lines in my ts but with the last patch dont work anymore any help ?

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    Only sounds from your own channel will be played. This is hardcodec and wanted from us.
    Playing sounds from outside a channel is nothing we will add.
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