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    Solved [No bug] when changing slots, reserved slots changes too

    Create a virtual server with max slots 45, reserved slots 5 and apply. Now edit the server and change the max slots to 35. Now change it to 25. Observe what happens to the reserved slots as you're making this change. It takes the number of that in the tens place, but only if it's a smaller integer. That's all I've tested and noticed so far...

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    This is normal. If the slots are > 0 and the reserve slots > slots it sets reserve slots = slots.

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    As long you type the number into field, it alos will lower your reserved slots.
    The client things you want 4 , 3 or 2 slots, and all of the mare smaller then 5.
    The client trys to avoid, that more reserved slots as normal slots are avilabale.

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