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    [PHP] TS interface error: invalid parameter count

    Hi guys, to cut a long story short and to let you know what I'm doing I'm just going to quickly explain.

    > Cron job runs
    > Check if member passes criteria
    > > if they do, skip to next member
    > > if they don't, delete member from Teamspeak

    Now I'm having a bit of a problem with the Teamspeak delete command. Here is the section of code.

    The error is with clientDeleteDb($cid)
    PHP Code:
    try {
    $ts TeamSpeak3::factory("serverquery://".$c->tsname.":".$c->tspass."@".$c->tshost.":".$c->tsport."/");
    $virt $ts->serverGetByPort($c->tscport);
        if (
    $c->usesta == true) {
        else {

    Now here is the definition of "clientDeleteDb" in another file.

    PHP Code:
       * Deletes the clients properties from the database.
       * @return void
    public function deleteDb()
    From the manual, the command I need to send is "clientdbdelete cldbid=USER_ID". But the method was designed some time ago and the command may have changed... That's what I think is going wrong. I'm just not sure which bit I need to change in the method and how...

    Any help would be more than appreciated. Really.

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    This command has not change.

    But here :

    PHP Code:
    return $this->getParent()->clientDeleteDb($this["client_database_id"]); 
    "$this" is the class variable pointer or really array ?

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