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    CoD4 Ping Jumps!

    Hello fellow teamspeakers...

    I downloaded the newest ts3 yesterday, 13 August '10.

    Joined channel, speak and txt chat perfectly until...

    So I join a cod4 server wit the rest of my friends - also on TS3 - and my ping is fine (35ms) and about 30s in, my ping hits +999ms. My 5 other friends are on the same ts and cod server, and they do not have lag. I do have the best connection though??

    Please, any advice.


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    August 2010
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    oh, and....

    I can still speak perfectly and they hear me and i hear them. just my CoD4 ping raises

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    How fast is your upload speed and which channel codec and quality is being used? Sounds much like to less bandwidth for game and TS3 speaking at the same time.

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