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    kfmclient can't open links because of LD_LIBRARY_PATH


    When I click on links in the chatwindow, nothing happens. When looking at the console, I noticed the following message:

    kfmclient: symbol lookup error: /usr/lib/ undefined symbol: _ZN14QObjectPrivate15checkWindowRoleEv
    ldd /usr/bin/kfmclient shows that kfmclient tries to use the shared libraries from ./ instead of the system libraries

    one post from another forum i found while googling (which had to do with other software facing the same problem) suggested removing the LD_LIBRARY_PATH when calling external tools like kfmclient

    I tried to run ts3 with the libQt*.so of my system, but, of course, that also didn't work

    Is there something I could do to make ts3 use it's own dynamic libraries without setting LD_LIBRARY_PATH ?

    //edit: I just had an idea how to solve the problem for me, at least temporally: i created a "bin" directory inside my ts3 directory, then i put a shellskript in there with the name "kfmclient" which called firefox "$2" (because ts3 would try to call "kfmclient exec $url"). lastly, i edited to change my PATH to ./bin:$PATH
    works pretty good
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