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    Solved [solved] Client ban after TS3 Client reinstall?


    I've got a general question:

    How work the ban function at TS3?

    When I ban a client permanently,

    could a client rejoin the server after reinstalling teamspeak 3 client?

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    Yes and no, as long he keeps the same UID he can't come back.

    Open your ban list and check what has banned there. You will see, what was added to a ban.

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    The Ban system work with the IP address and identity client.

    So, when you ban a client, his identity is banned too.
    To rejoin server, and if his IP address is not banned, he can create a new identity or re install a new TS3 client (same effect).

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    O.K. thanks very much .

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    You can set the minimum security level for this.
    Higher Level means it takes longer to generate a new identity to connect.

    You can also create a "Prison" group (search for it here) and put them in there.
    This is often better then banning or deleting an user

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