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    Thanks a lot for your work with your TS IPC framework!

    Can we expect an update to the latest version 11 API or even a release of the source code so that it can be maintained by the community?

    I edited the binaries so that they return an API version of "11" to Teamspeak which causes the TS plugin to get loaded again but it doesn't seem to work alright.
    My external application just hangs when calling initSDK() while TS3 is running.

    Edit: Debugging has shown that the program hangs in winsock's "recv".
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    Quote Originally Posted by Thomas View Post
    TheJomo has ported the plugin sdk interface to delphi. The plugin sdk and this lib is very similar.
    This project is dead. Author absolutely does not support it.
    Take the time and compile proposed sources.
    In the latest versions of the TS3 they don't work.
    Is there anyone have source code for the client in Delphi?
    Or at least an ActiveX component? So without some sophisticated behavior with dll

    Sorry for my bad English, Im use google for translate.

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