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    Solved [solved] TS 3 cant connect to my guild server, pc run crazy when connect...

    Hello all^^
    i have since 5days a problem with ts3..
    i cant connect to my guild server...

    I yoused a ping tuner programm to better play my online game...
    an put new Grafikcard on mainboard..

    when i start ts3 and want connect to guild server the pc run crazy the CPU run 100% and i cant connect ts... all other things do the computer very slow and i need to restart the computer...

    When i want ts3 closed its goes not... then comes a windows help screen like
    "do you need online help for the problem an the programm will be closed now"

    and when i click on the problem step i this window... windows show me that:

    Aufgrund eines Problems kann dieses Programm nicht mehr mit Windows kommunizieren.

    Problemereignisname: AppHangXProcB1
    Anwendungsname: ts3client_win64.exe
    Anwendungszeitstempel: 4c613fd8
    Absturzsignatur: 3789
    Absturztyp: 128
    Auf Anwendungsnamen wird gewartet: svchost.exe:AudioClientRpc
    Auf Anwendungsversion wird gewartet:
    Betriebsystemversion: 6.0.6001.
    Gebietsschema-ID: 1031
    Zusätzliche Absturzsignatur 1: 2dc2a06dd5d576850b53795bf8c493ba
    Zusätzliche Absturzsignatur 2: 232b
    Zusätzliche Absturzsignatur 3: 469511432cd5c374d6a80ae2cbb48ca2
    Zusätzliche Absturzsignatur 4: 3789
    Zusätzliche Absturzsignatur 5: 2dc2a06dd5d576850b53795bf8c493ba
    Zusätzliche Absturzsignatur 6: 232b
    Zusätzliche Absturzsignatur 7: 469511432cd5c374d6a80ae2cbb48ca2

    Please help me to connect again to my guild ts server^^
    writing is hard when i am in action xD


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    What soundcard + drivers are you using?
    Try updating your soundcard-drivers and see if the problem still occurs.

    Also I would not recommend using such a "ping tuner" program as those can greatly influence the quality of your connection if not used correctly

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    Hi TheMinz^^

    my Soundcard is Onboard from Realtek...
    I checked it and maked a Driver Update and Woooow TS3 run again^^
    I can connect to my Guild server and all other^^
    Thanks for the fast answer, what help me to run again ts3^^

    Thank you very much^^


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    Hi again Problems with soundcard or ts3
    I can hear but dont talk....

    the error log show me that:
    2010-08-21 12:08:47.074957 CapFMOD Error recordstart: Error initializing output device.
    2010-08-21 12:08:47.088628 ClientUI Warning Error opening capture device: could not open capture device

    i reinstall the soundcard driver but everytime the same i can hear but not talk...
    rofl hope anyone can help me again.....


    That is my Mainboard Gigabyte GA-K8NF-9 soundcard is onboard
    i used the sounddriver from Gigabyte
    My System is Windows Vista 64

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