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    ServerQuery Problem

    Well , i am new to this , and i barely understand what i am doing Sadly
    I start Server Query , and I enter this :

    login client_login_name=Tanix

    error id=0 msg=ok (50 ms)
    Total: 50 ms

    So far so good ... but then , when i try to turn off Web Server Listing :

    use sid=<serverID>
    serveredit virtualserver_weblist_enabled=0

    error id=1540 msg=convert\serror (49 ms)
    Total: 49 ms

    What am I doing wrong ?

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    If you've set everything correctly server query wise you have the [RED] S icon next to your name.

    Then you only need to do this

    Open up Server Query [Don't worry about the Authentication tabs leave them blanks.]

    As you can see below i used the username & password that was generated for me when i first installed my TS3. Just change the password to yours and copy and paste it in and hit the green play looking button.

    login serveradmin mypasswordhere
    use sid=1
    serveredit virtualserver_weblist_enabled=0
    Should work without error if you did it correctly. Takes 15 minutes to remove out of web list.
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    error id=0 msg=ok (50 ms)
    error id=2568 msg=insufficient\sclient\spermissions failed_permid=9030 (49 ms)
    Total: 99 ms

    I do have an S next to my name but it is not red :|

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    To change this parameter, you must be in Admin Server Query group.
    If you don't have the red S icon, your are not in this group.

    So, to change weblist you can use the serveradmin account.
    This account is create at the first start of you teamspeak 3 instance.

    If you create a new query login, this account have the same permission that your groups.

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