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    Solved [solved] Our TS3 server beta20 was hacked to night

    We want to warn other Server Admins:

    Our TS3 server ver. 3.0.0-beta20 (i think), was hacked by 2-3 german peoples to night.
    We didn't know those people.
    They removed our Server Admin rights, an set them self as Server Admin. Then they deleted all channels.

    Was able to get some ID:
    Those is added to our Ban-list now!

    And 3 nicks:
    Psycho Joe

    We had no server-password....

    So then we deleted the folder where TS3-server was installed, downloaded version 3.0.0-beta27, and reinstall..... whit password.
    Up and running.

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    Well, you did you the right thing by installing beta27. however you should have upgraded your server past beta20 before now, you risked yourself to backdoors and vulnerabilities and paid the price.

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    We are in beta and the users should check weekly for updates.

    There was a big security hole from Server beta 1 up to beta23.
    News here:

    But yes you did the a good step using beta27 with a new database.

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