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    Windows 7 Volume Control

    I'm not sure if mines just not working or if it's added, but is there anything planned/featured with the intergration of the Volume Communications feature in Windows 7 that lowers the volume of other applications when there's activity in Teamspeak3?

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    This isn't planned by dev team.

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    Why not? I always play game with TeamSpeak 3 to communicate with my teammates, but I always miss important artillery warnings from my via voice chat, just because the the game volume is too loud, making me can't hear my teammates 's voice and got my units bombarded by my teammates( in Company of Heroes). It would be nice if TeamSpeak can temporary reduce other programs(such as games) volume when there are incoming voice in TeamSpeak.

    May the dev team please consider adding this function.

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    You can use the mixer option to turn the game volume down in relation to your TS3 audio. While not as nice and clean as an auto volume control it should help you hear your TS3 chatter better.

    I think that this should be something worth just looking into the amount of needed code to support this feature of Windows 7. Maybe not before the "official" none beta release, but maybe during the release candidate stages.

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    or binds two keys to volume of ts

    volume up
    volume down

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