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    Solved [solved] Whitelist/Autoban problem with TS Viewer Addon

    Hello there,

    TS3 Provider:
    TS3 Server: ****
    Homepage: ****
    Homepage Provider:
    Homepage Software:
    Homepage Plugin:

    My problem:
    I just recently turned the TS3 Viewer Addon on yesterday and it actually worked very properly for the first 12 hours or so.
    As I tried to reach my TS3 Server via the homepage on the next day I found out that I consantly get errors telling me that I (the homepage) is/gets banned from the TS3 Server.
    According to some forums - including this one here - I have to add my homepage-Provider's IP to the whitelist.

    And thats where my problem is:
    - I dunno the IP of my homepage
    - Neither can't I find any whitelist option on TS3 or any "whitelist.txt" data
    - I wonder why it worked perfectly over hours yesterday, but started to trouble today

    Would be very very glad for any practical advice.

    mail to ts3 provider who fixed that for me.
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    hm. damn it. actually problem isnt solved.
    provider managed to whitelist my provider, but somehow the plugin just worked temporarily.

    once again:
    (ID 3331) flood ban
    (ID 3329) connection failed, you are banned (you may retry in 482 seconds)

    anyone a clue what to do ?
    got my hp on my ts-servers's whitelist, but somehow it doenst help.

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    Would love to know how you solved this if possible as I have the same issue

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