My First 'Plugin for TS3PHPBot

Features :
  • Bans or Kicks a client based on his unique ID
  • One reason'msg per banned client

  • Add the necessary Commands to the BotChat Plugin like !autoban and !unautoban
  • More Features will come like stick client or take his voice rights and so on

What you need to do is :
Add the following to the virtualservers bot configuration default 9987.ini

;       Client Autoban      ;
;     Plugin by Neytiri86   ;
; enable / disable Channel Default Permissions
; Default: 0

;Defines the Punish Method default : kick ; choose kick or ban

;Defines the bantime in seconds default 60

; Defines a ini file containing the client with their default kick/ban message
; default: text/client_auto_ban.ini

;Reason messages are not set here set them in client_auto_ban.ini you got a example there
upload the attached ini file to the text folder
upload the attached ClientAutoBanList.php to the plugin folder

Attachment 3916