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    Incoming Packet Loss

    Since 2 days im getting this problem.

    Most of the time i hear other people quite bad because their voice is a bit broken as you would accidently stop pushing the push-to-talk-button.
    I reinstalled completely , also as a new user but the problem continues.
    After trying to see whats the problem i saw i sometimes had about 20% incoming packet loss, but sometimes it goes down to 0%. I have those hight packet losses also if nothing else is running but teamspeak3.
    I dont use wlan and i am connected directly to the router.
    Im owner of 30k DSL and this problem doesnt appear in any other programm than teamspeak.
    Can someony help me ?

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    i got the same problem i got a packet loss of 30%. I starts 2 days ago. with no reason. In the night i shut my computer down an it was all ok and next day i got the problem. nothing was changed from my side on the system or software to this time. I hope someone could help.

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    Exclamation Most VoIP Problems are the Internet Connection

    60% of all VoIP problems are the user's Internet connection. It could be a faulty modem or cabling in their home or office or it could be something in the ISP. Use this packet loss tool. It will pinpoint the location of any trouble that it finds.

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    i dont think so

    i got new modem new cat6 homerun to modem dsl pots splitter and had verizon tech at my house 2 hrs yesterday and my system ck clean but as he watch u had packett loss issue with your software somewhere its causing some sort of issue this issue has been increasing as time goes by a last patch it wasnt so bad this lastest patch has made it more noticable with all my friends so no i dont think your answer above is correct . ooh yeah i have a rented game servers ts3 in los angeles i live 120 miles east i ping 16 and havin this issue ok so

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