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    [Suggestion] Spacer

    Okay, so I was looking through the spacers and found out you can do the [*spacer0] ___ and it will make ___ all the way through the spacer, but I was thinking , why not make it where you can do something along the lines [*spacer0]___[cspacer1]Spacer Name, and it would look something like ___Spacer Name___. Just a suggestion that I think would be nice to see.

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    Search function an read changelog

    Added channel spacers: Use "[?Spacer#]Text" to add one. Where "?" can be an alignment (r = right, c = center, l = left). If "*" is used, all chars after the spacer-tag will be repeated until the whole line is filled. Change "#" to get an unique channel name, the value doesn't matter.
    Example: [cSpacer0]a centered text, [rSpacer1]a right aligned text.
    Check also the five special spacer: "---,...,-.-,___,--.".

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    I know that you can do l,c,r and *. I want to do c and * and the same time (but only have the text appear once). This doesn't seem to be possible at the current time.

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    The spacer won't get any new improvement. If there are bugs, they will be fixed, but the spacer is final as it is implemented.

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