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    February 2010
    I am now struggling with the so called QFileDialog inside the ts3plugin_configure(), I have my qt screen there but i wanna make some buttons to open up a qfiledialog to make the path selection easier, well the source works with a normal main.cpp but when i put it inside the plugin source, the buttons will fail the appscreen. meaning when i press one button the app will crash.
    I hope somebody can help me out with this.
    I am using vs2010, windows xp 32bits and qt sdk 4.6.2 and 2010.02.01 qt creator.

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    December 2009
    Good Mornig

    when I will start the MusicBot, her start Winamp. Problem:
    in the Playlist Editor is this url:[/URL]

    He can't to connect the streamserver.

    Can you fix this Problem?

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    January 2010

    Own help message

    Nice addon. Works well. But I have 3 problems:

    1. I tried to edit help message, but after restart of client all changes were gone.
    2. I was searching for music_plugin.ini but did not find it.
    3. After change new message was temporally visible but special non english letters were not printed properly (ľčť....).

    Is there possibility to implement something to new update to solve my problems?

    Thanx for good work

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    dkoer Guest

    Plugin failed to load: Failed to open plugin.

    Following every thing that was posted on your website i finish with this error "Plugin failed to load:Failed to open plugin." I have tried many things to get this to work.

    One thing that i have found in the plugin button on the TS3 client it says in a small box to the right "Needed API 8" On the left there is nothing in the box.

    Help would be greatly appreciated by anyone that has more knowledge about this than myself.

    Thank you Dkoer

    *EDIT* Fixed many typos

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    February 2010

    TS3 MusicBot

    Hi friends,

    As some off you may already know me (from the TS3MusicBot plugin), I am here to ask for some inspiration and maybe even some help.
    The point is the following. I want to tackle some problems with my TS3MusicBot.

    To keep it simple i made a little list:
    • Getting a working queue (playlist)
    • Spotify support
    • Maybe a new way to interact with botje (not through text alone)
    • User permissions
    • Voice recognition (google voice)

    So you see there is still allot to do, and to be fully honest I am searching for somebody who can team up with me. To tackle these problems together.
    Well i hope to see some responses soon.
    And thank you for you time ;-)

    GreetZZz SteZZz
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    June 2008
    Please do not open a new Thread with the same topic.

    You can update your first post over there or delete the old thread and then open a new thread for your own bot.
    Last edited by dante696; February 13th, 2012 at 08:27 AM.
    When sending me private messages: Please make sure to include reference link to your forum thread or post.

    TeamSpeak FAQ || What should i report, when i open a client thread?

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    June 2011
    I can tell you API 8 is VERY VERY VERY out of date. The newest version is API 14 for the music bot which is 3.0.2 if im not mistaken.

    I personally have issues with the version and i use API 13 version of the Music Bot (specifically with VLC)

    If your planning on using your browser or Winamp id suggest getting API 14 version. 3.0.2 version of Teamspeak (sadly i had to go to a random website to download the version)

    Iv been running with this bot for around half a year or so. (or so it feels like)

    (Do keep in mind the newest stable public version of TS uses API 15. So yes. you CANT use the newest version with this bot at the moment)

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    June 2011
    An update to the current API version would be very appreciated.

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    August 2008

    [SEARCH] Musicbot plugin

    Well hi there fellas, i'm looking for a new Musicbot plugin because the old one don't get updated anymore i think...

    Is there anybody who knows a plugin like the old one from SteZZz? This is the old one i mean

    Because i don't want to buy one for monthly costs, in fact i had one running by myself earlier!
    Last edited by dante696; September 25th, 2014 at 12:54 PM. Reason: merged

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    June 2014
    I could also really use an updated and working version of that musicbot.

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    February 2010
    Working on it xD

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    February 2010
    Hi Teamspeak friends,

    I got the new TS3MusicBot online inside a new website i quickly build.
    Hope you all like it!
    well just let me know ;-)

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