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    Icon per client, permission problem

    Here is what problem I am having.

    I as the SA (w/ full permissions), I assign an icon to each person as they come into Teamspeak 3. This has been working fine, till now.

    Each person would have there own picture at the end of there name, (type of rank picture or to go with persona). Please see picture:
    So everything was working fine up until about 5 days or so ago. Now I get the "Selected icon file is too large. The maximum allowed file size is 0 kb. "
    I understand completely what this means, the problem is I can't get the server to change from '0' to anything else, so therefore I can not upload any more icons.

    Please help by indicating the path inwhich I need to, permissions/client permissions/group/??? Am I in the right spot?
    What level number of permissions do I need to assign to change it from '0' to any file size?

    P.S. I like the way new TS3 sounds thank you for it!

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    Search the i_max_icon_filesize permission.

    Check if in your group i_group_modify_power is equal or greater than i_group_needed_modify_power of the group that you want change the icon.

    CHeck also if the GRANT permission of the i_max_icon_filsesize is equal or lower of your modify power

    For information :
    the SA haven't the full permission. It's the Admin Query

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    Thanks florian!
    The only thing that was out of order was the"i_group_modify_power"
    it was value 75 and no Grant...
    I noticed when the first founder of the TS3 server is in TS3 I do indeed have this problem more often that not. I think that is it too, he was first to add the "Use Privilege Key", code and I was second.

    I think I got it, thanks for replying to my post, "very helpful!"
    I put in some Arma 2 OA icons today and it seems to be working great!

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