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    Solved [solved] Server polling via telnet; prevent serveradmin from joining a channel

    I wrote a bash script, that polls the ts3 server via telnet an writes the gathered data into a mysql database. I am totally satisfied with the result, however, the servers reaction to it is quite odd:

    The script reliably polls the server every 3 seconds (currently) with the following lines though netcad:
    login serveradmin pwd
    use sid=1
    Of course, the script logs in the serveradmin (visible in the clientlist) but usually the account is not displayed as a user in the connected TS3 Clients.

    Strangely, from time to time, however, it is. In these cases, the serveradmin joins as
    "serveradmin from"
    This is quite annoying since the script polls the server every few seconds.
    The result is, that the clients are playing the famous "player entered....; player disconnected from.." sound way too frequently. Not regularly every 3 seconds but in my case between about 10 to 60 seconds.

    Is there a workaround to prevent this? Or is it advisable to file a bugreport since this should not happen because its not a regular user but the "QueryAdmin"?

    Thx for hints^^

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    Ts3CLient => Settings => Options => Application
    Uncheck "Show ServerQuery clients

    After that no sound no text notification.

    3 second seems to be short. The time to need for the script not to be that.
    Especially if you have lots of user on the server (clientlist).

    I think it's the cause of non regular connection on channel.
    Try whith 1 minutes.

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    @ ts3Client option: wow thx; apparently I fiddled to much around with my settings and didn't remember it. Fortunately, this option is disabled by default.

    @ polling: good hint. With the 3 secs, i was trying to touch realtime at least remotely. Considering that there are only up to 10-15 players joining my server at best I think that I will poll the server with 6-10 secs. Seems like a good compromise to me....

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