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    Question new beta 27 amd 64 doesnt work

    I installed a fresh copy of beta 27, amd 64bit

    Error (ID 2568) insufficient client permissions (failed on serverinfo 8470/0x2116)

    Error's on trying to connect using the super serveradmin

    started process by ./ts3server_linux_amd64 serveradmin_password=xxxx
    the logs show it setting the serveradmin password correctly, but no connections are allowed.

    I also copied over the whitelist file and it does show the IP in whitelist that im coming from

    New installs also have failed permission to install using the correct serveradmin password.

    Why is a fresh new install not working by default? do I have to actually edit the default templates still?

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    I cant find any reason why these errors are happening, the ts3 server is online and it works fine but has no controls and no status.

    the whitelist is fine, the serveradmin is fine. no firewalls, nothing blocking it. what could it be?

    do I need something from a previous version? I just got 27 to start with

    also, there isnt a single error in the logs and when I get the status error these are recorded:
    2010-09-07 20:44:35.908297|INFO |Query | | query from <whitelistIPHERE> issued: use port=9987
    2010-09-07 20:44:35.951043|INFO |Query | 1| query from <whitelistIPHERE> issued: whoami
    2010-09-07 20:44:36.066774|INFO |Query | 1| query from <whitelistIPHERE> issued: serverinfo
    2010-09-07 20:44:36.105387|INFO |Query | 1| query from <whitelistIPHERE> issued: quit
    all the ports are listening fine, everything looks fine except it doesnt work...

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    The error message show you where is the problem.
    In your case set correctly the "b_virtualserver_info_view" permission.

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