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    Assigning Groups to Channels

    Alpha (10 Join Power)
    Beta (20 Join Power)
    Charlie (30 Join Power)
    Delta (40 Join Power)


    Lobby (0 Join Power)
    Clan 1 (10 Join Power)
    Clan 2 (20 Join Power)
    Clan 3 (30 Join Power)
    Clan 4 (40 Join Power)

    Now here is the issue.

    Beta,Charlie,Delta can all join Alpha's channel.

    I've searched and looked for ways to assign 1 group to a specific channel.

    Simple Terms:

    Has anyone figured out a way to assign 4 groups to 4 different sets of channels and have them not have access to the other groups channels?


    Alpha = Channel 1

    Beta = Channel 2

    Charlie = Channel 3

    Delta = Channel 4


    Beta, Charlie, Delta join Alpha's Channel

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    Only way I know is the use of channel groups for join power instead of server groups. But you'll need someone that can drag them into a channel to give them a channel group that can join it or use permission key system to grant that channel group.

    It is a little different than the default model of restrictions but is an option. You can still use the server groups for icons that ID that user's affiliations.

    Set all channels to needed join of 60, then set Auto Voice, Channel Op and Channel Admin join power to 60.
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