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    Recording Plugin

    I was wondering if there was any way to create a plugin that allowed a person, or group of people to tell another client (a recording bot), to start and stop recording.

    Scenario: I run a medium sized gaming clan and we hold weekly meetings that not everyone can attend. In the past we've recorded the meetings individually and then uploaded them to our webserver. However due to the fact that our webserver is running windows, I suggested that we just run a TS3 client on the server, and have it record the meeting (that way nobody has to be stuck with a huge upload)

    An admin calls a meeting and types !record, in a PM to the "Meeting Bot" (the TS3 client on the server). It then starts to record, saving the file in a predetermined location (possibly by date? (MM-DD-YYYY.wav). Then the admin types !stoprecord and the Meeting Bot stops recording (and possibly switches channels back to the AFK channel it came from). I know this can all be done manually, but it'd be nice to have a plugin of some sort that could do it.

    If it is possible, but someone does not want to make it, simply point me in the correct direction. Once I have the tools to make something, I can generally do it with a little help; problem is I'm new to the Lua language, as well as making plugins for TS3, and therefore have no clue as to where to start.


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    I'm having the same idea than you. I'd like also to make a bot to record and upload the meetings in TS3.

    The doc of the official TS3 server SDK contains the following:

    If required, the raw voice data can be caught by the server to implement server-side voice recording. Whenever a client is
    sending voice data, the following function is called:
    void onVoiceDataEvent(serverID, clientID, voiceData, voiceDataSize, frequency);
    uint64 serverID;
    anyID clientID;
    unsigned char* voiceData;
    unsigned int voiceDataSize;
    unsigned int frequency;

    • serverID
    The ID of the server which sent the event.
    • clientID
    ID of the client who sent the voice data.
    • voiceData
    Buffer containing the voice data. Format is 16 bit mono.
    The buffer must not be freed.
    • voiceDataSize
    Size of the voiceData buffer.
    • frequency
    Frequency of the voice data.
    This event is only called when there are at least two clients in the same channel. Clients talking “to themselves”
    are not recorded.
    If server-side recording is not required, don't implement this callback.


    I'm not familiar to the SDK , but I believe that we can make it together.

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    Attention, the SDK server can't be used with an normal TS3 client.
    This not the same thing.

    Use the Client plugin sdk :

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