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    Solved [no bug] Bug in BBCode

    I want to Report 2 minor Bugs in the BBCode BuiltIn in teamspeak 3:
    I wanted to add a emailcontact in the description of a channel, but this doesnt work:

    * [email][email protected][/email]
    * [[email protected]]write me[/email]

    Also the [list][*][*][/list] option dosnt work!
    And second:

    I realised, that sadly one can`t change the channelnames with the BBCode (like colors or size or bold). Also an option is missing where one can delete the house-symbol of the default channel. I want to use there my own symbol, but there is always that house symbol.


    I would like to change also the symbols of the channels on the very left, the foldersymbols. Would it be possible to do so in next versions?


    Back to the BBCode:
    If I have several virtual TSł-Server running, and on server one I uploaded and hyperlinked a file to a description with e.g.
    it works out well for the virtual server 1 like it should work: "Clicking on, download starts".
    BUT if i copy the same link to another virtualserver (server 2 e.g.) (on the same host-system), it`s error message is "invalid channel id" and the download doesn`t start.
    Could you please fix this Problem, because I do not want to copy every file to every virtual server. It should work like: clicking on the link, if virtualserver is password protected, enter password,(connect), start downloading with guest-rights.

    Why is it not possible to load a picture within the channeldiscription. In the case of an Avatar it is possible, and in the case of icons too. But why can there not be an option to bring .jpeg files in the description of the virtual server or the channels ?

    Thats all for the moment.
    Thank you for fixing the Problems/trying to at least ;-)
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    Regarding first:
    use this syntax
    [ URL=mailto:[email protected] ][email protected][ /URL ]
    (without the spaces at the brackets)

    Regarding fifth:
    you can do this by using the [img][/img] tag. In between the tag, put the URL to a photo such as

    you can also add an image you have uploaded to a file browser to a channels description by dragging it from the file browser into the channel description in the channel edit dialog.

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    TS3 does not support all BBCode out there, so for example lists are not supported. We just support a subset.

    BBCode in channel names and changing the icons on the left side have been shot down by us because we don't want things to get to "flashy" and gimicky. People used to TS should recognize what a channel and what a client is on ANY server, and also which channel is the default channel

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