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    Solved Multiple complains on same user possible by one user

    One user can complain of an other user multiple times until the server takes action, usually kicking the target.

    Additionally, there is no way to restrict this by a server-policy.

    * You need a sufficienti_client_complain_power to complain about one.
    * Make sure that there is a autoban amount set for this server, for this example, I assume the complain-limit to be two.
    * And make also sure, that your testing subject you will complain about is banable and doesn't have b_client_ignore_bans set.
    * Complain once about an user and
    * complain a second time of the same user

    Actual result:
    The user will be kicked and banned by the server (even if you don't have any i_client_ban_power or i_client_kick_from_server_power)

    Expected result:
    * An user can only comply once of the same other user
    (So one is only beeing kicked/bannedm, if multiple users comply independently of the same "target")

    Take care,

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    thanks for the detailed howto, this will be fixed with rev: 14825

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