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    Description of all server in/out connections?

    Could someone please summarise all in/out connections (with ports and IP, if applicable) concerning TS3 server? All I have found in FAQ is this:

    Which ports are being used by the server?
    Default ports are as follows...
    Default voice port (UDP): 9987
    Default filetransfer port (TCP): 30033
    Default serverquery port (TCP): 10011

    If I understand correctly, all those are incomming connections (from the server point of view), for which I have set up firewall rules. But I checked my logs and it seems there are some more:

    1. Outgoing connection, UDP, source-port 2011, destination-IP, destination-port 2010

    2. Outgoing connection, UDP, source-port 49693, destination-IP, destination-port 2008

    Could someone describe what are they good for? the 1st IP belongs to 4Players, the 2nd one to TeamSpeak Systems. I checked docs, but did not find any info about TS3-server making some outgoing connections, so I did not make rules allowing them. And because default policy of my firewall is deny_all, these outgoing connection attempts are blocked and filling my logs...

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    Port 2010 UDP is the Weblist port
    Port 2008 TCP is the License port

    Of those 2 only the license port is vital as your server will fall back to non-licensed mode if it cannot verify the license.
    Both of these ports should be allowed for incoming as well as outgoing traffic.

    Further information can be found as usual per forum search engine.
    (Just type the port numbers in there)

    Note that both of those ports are for TCP and not UDP Traffic !
    Concerning the lack of mention in the documentation :
    Those ports were added during the beta and have not yet been added to the official documents (apart from a mention of the devs in the forums)
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    Thanks for reply. I tried to find something about those ports here on forum, but it is difficult, as all I got just with those numbers were a lot of topics posted in years 2008 and 2010...

    I suppose, when running non-registered non-licensed (1 server, 32 slots) I do not need to open 2008 port and TS-server should start automatically like that, without trying to open connection to license-servers. Concerning weblist, I do not want my TS-server to be listed somewhere, so I try to turn it off using query (found something about it on forum).

    BTW, it is definitelly UDP, not TCP. I think I'm reading my logs correctly:

    2010-09-19T06:09:51+00:00 obelix kernel: IPT OUTPUT packet died:IN= OUT=eth0 DST= LEN=32 TOS=0x00 PREC=0x00 TTL=64 ID=46443 DF PROTO=UDP SPT=2011 DPT=2010 LEN=12

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