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    Can A Netbook Run As A TS Server ?


    As the thread title implys i was wondering if anyone knows if the TS server software can be run decently on a netbook ? The netbook has a 1GHz atom CPU with hyper-threading and it has 2gb of DDR2 RAM and its running windows XP home 32-bit.

    At the moment i'm running a backup server for my guild since the person who normally runs the TS server has went off-line.. There's not really much usage, usually less than 10 people are on-line at a time though sometimes there can be a small bit more !

    Thanks in advance for any input or mocking !!!

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    Teamspeak server require a decent internet connection, of course.
    It should run on your netbooks hardware smooth and nice.

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    Read the system requirement page :

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    Ahh thanks for the replys...

    My internet connection is semi decent for ADSL, though i know it will probably not handle anymore than 15 teamspeak users though

    florian_fr40 thanks for posting the min requirements page, i guess i missed that... had insomnia for a few days and not quite with it.... Anyone got any experience with running TS server on minimum level hardware ? As i have been a pc gamer for many years and i know software has a tendency to not quite tell the truth when it comes to min requirements

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    your netbook is definately not minimum level hardware and as Iceursus already said, the TS3 should run smoothly as long as you dont use the netbook for anything else.
    The main bottleneck with a privately hosted server lies with the internet connection of the hoster.

    First of all you should never connect a server to the internet via WLan as the Wireless connection usually is not stable enough to run a server.
    So make sure to use an RJ45 cable to wire your netbook up to your router/modem.
    You will also neet a lot of upload bandwidth to run the server.

    An upload speed of 1 MBit/s should suffice for around 7-10 users imo, depending on the quality settings and assuming all your users are in the same channel.
    Any more will probably result in severe packetloss, the phenomenon often called "robotic/distorted voices" but you will have to try ut those limits on your own.

    If you want to estimate how much bandwidth your server would use with any numer of clients you can search the forums for a thread with formulas. There should be at least 2 threads about that as far as I remember.

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    bad choice

    FYI..Typicly and note book/laptop is a BAD choice for a server type role and here is why.... Notebooks more then any other type of cpu has more of a tendancy to have heat problems. Notebook are not designed for 24/7 usage in any application. this is why you dont see wide spread usage of notebooks as servers.

    on the lighter side of things you could still use your note book as a server but it is not recomended if you wish to maintain a 24/7 server such as mine. The smart choice is to do the following....

    #1-Find an old pc something with these specs they are cheap and you can get one for around 100$ or less

    1.6 (single core) ghz cpu with 512 mb or better
    any video card will do servers dont use vid cards like a normal PC does there is no need for a bad ass card to display a server interface or desktop for that matter.
    40 gb hard drive or better 7200 rpm or better
    10/100 lan card or better
    450 Watt power supply or better

    Now you look at these specs and think thats pretty low! but the fact is that TS3 does not need very much power to run at all!! In fact these are the specs of my ts3 server and i have over 413 registered users on my server with NO issues at all! well good luck with your server hope things go well for you hope this helps put things in perspective some what better for you.

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