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    Server to Startup on Windows Startup.

    Does anyone know how to change or set or do something so that when my windows starts up the server also starts up?

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    Google is your friend. You have many web site for add a soft to startup on windows.

    Or use the search function in this forum with "service" key word.

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    star > all prog > startup
    create a shortcut (select your ts3s)

    this will make your ts3server start when you login

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    You could always use Scheduled Tasks, that will allow the server to run regardless of whether you are logged on or not. That's how I set mine to run on my dedicated server so I don't have to keep my RDP session open wasting resources. And if my host decides to do any maintenance or updates on my server, or it reboots after a crash the TeamSpeak server will automatically run again.

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