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    Change Playback and Capture Devices Programatically?

    How can I change the Playback Device and Capture Device on the fly without using the Options menus?

    Alternatively, is there a way to make TeamSpeak3 use the default Windows Playback and Recording devices, and change on the fly if the default device changes?

    I switch between headset and speakers by clicking "Set Default" in the Windows Audio control panel. But since TeamSpeak does not use the default I select in Windows Audio control panel, I must also select the device in the TeamSpeak3 options menus.

    I switch often enough that this is cumbersome. I have hotkeyed the Windows Audio changes with AutoIt but was wondering if there was an easier way to toggle the device selections in the TS3 client?


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    You can create 2 new profils (TS3Client => Settings => Playback and button "Add", same way for capture).

    After have create this new profiles, just TS3CLient => Self and select the profile that you want.

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