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    TS3-Server crashes by leaving putty


    sorry but my english is not the best and I hope everyone understands my problem.

    Ive just installed TS3-Server on my Linux Root-Server and at the beginning everything runs fine. But everytime I start the "minimal_runscript" the server starts, but when Im leaving "putty" the server is down again.

    What do I wrong ?

    Thanks for help ....

    So long

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    Already answered in this forum.
    You must use the terminal redirection before exit the terminal.

    Use "nohup" or "screen" like this :
    nohup ./ <start option if you have> &
    And now you can quit your ssh session and your server still works.

    Please read the documentation and use the search function.

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    First ....

    Is there any german help Forum fr Teamspeak ?

    Second ...

    I already searched some hours for that problem, but didnt find any help.

    Third ...

    I dont know enought about Linux to know "nohup" or "screen" normaly we had an admin, but he couldnt do his job anymore. So I got to fight though that.

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    For your "First" : this is a Forum rules. English only.

    For your "Second" :
    You have this "Stiky" tutorial and video tutorial in "server support" forum. He talk about "screen" tools.
    (this tuto is for beta 5 version, but this is the same idea)

    For your "Third" : :
    You have all informations for nohup if you write "nohup --help".
    Or for screen => "screen --help".

    If you don't have this tools, apt-get install <your choice> (depends on your linux version)

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    If you don't know how to use nohup or screen I suggest you use the non-minimal startscript ( to run Teamspeak as that one runs the server automatically as a background process.
    The command is :
    ./ start
    I also strongly recommend that you read up on linux administration/basics if you intend to run a root server.

    Concerning your question on the german help forum :
    Officially there is none. Support on this site is in english only to avoid having to repeat the same answers in every language.
    If you are really desperate for a German support forum you will have to look for an unofficial support site.

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