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    error on installing setup?

    i'm trying to install ts2 because my friend only knows that one and not ts3 and he is helping me set it up. Everytime I try to install it i get an error saying:

    C:\Program Files\Teamspeak2_RC2\TeamSpeak.exe

    An error occured while trying to replace the existing file:
    DeleteFile failed; code 5.
    Access is denied.

    Click retry to try again, Ignore to skip this file (Not Recommended), or Abort to cancel the installation.

    wtf is that and why can't I load it????

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    This is a TS3 forum...

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    1. Make sure, that your client isn't running during the installation
    2. Try to start the installer as an admin
    3. Try to delete the old files or uninstall the client, before you reinstall it.

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