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    Solved [No bug] No Whisper Target Found

    I've noticed that now when you try to whisper to yourself only, a voice says "No Whisper Target Found".

    Whispering only to yourself was a great feature when you have an in-game chat button, and you want to speak in gamee to everyone, but not have your voice echoed in teamspeak to those in your channel.

    The whisper target is yourself - so it should be valid.

    Has this been unintentionally introduced when the whisper functionality was updated?

    Thanks for your time,

    Matt Mackay

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    Works as intended
    Whispering to yourself was never possible and it makes no sense to include such a feature.

    Use the mute Mic or Speaker function, to stop sending your voice to everyone.

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    a weird yet creative way to prevent transmission. There are a few technically superior ways to achieve this (as your way will cause you to actually transfer data to the server).

    Say your in-game voice chat key is "ctrl". What you want is basically a "push to mute" on "ctrl" in teamspeak - so your mic input will be muted in ts3 while you are pressing "ctrl". Preferably using a local mute only that is not shown as a symbol in teamspeak. Here is the best way I can think of to do it:

    Add->"ctrl"->Status Change->Deactivate->Push-To-Talk->for all profiles
    Answer "yes" to the question if you want to add an "Up-key" for activation.

    Now, whenever you press the ctrl key you will be in the same mode as you are with push to talk when your push to talk button is not pressed - so state where you do not transmit and your "lamp" icon does not show any mic mute.

    Hope this helps
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    Peter - Thanks for your response. That works PERFECTLY!

    I would imagine it would be a pretty common use case for people playing a game where they have friends on teamspeak as well as other people in game not on teamspeak, but with built in chat... like any Valve game such as Left 4 Dead.

    dante696 - fair enough. But it used to work. And I remember finding it out from this forum.

    As for making it a mute toggle, that doesn't really work very well because everytime you press that hotkey, the "Microphone muted", "Microphone Activated" sound comes through my headset. And that would be quite annoying. Plus, I have the option turned on to make a noise when i'm speaking into a muted mic (great feature btw - love it) and I wouldn't want to disable the voice telling me the mic is muted, but it's useful when i actually mute the microphone under other circumstances.

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    How do you set this in beta 36 onwards, as this doesn't seem to exist anymore

    Any Ideas??

    It's such a crucial button - the "cough" button as i've heard it called. :P

    Any idea how to set this push to mute button.

    Is there any chance it will make it into the main hotkey featureset, a "cough" button as a push to mute preset that doesn't give an "microphone muted; microphone activated" warnings.


    Matt Mackay

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    No whisper target found?

    this is strange, i wanted to create a new whisper list of people on my teamspeak server, so i added them to the list (from the clients bit so they were online) and assigned a button, the red dots come up next to their name showing im whispering to them and the red dot comes up on my name, but its saying No whisper target found and they are not getting my whispers. What is wrong?

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