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    Solved [No Bug] Identity security level is sometimes increased too large

    Set a server with a security level of 24 for example and connect to it with a fresh identity (with whatever low level it has). As expected, it will prompt you to increase the security level, so go ahead and do that. What I've seen on a couple of occasions is that it will overshoot the amount of time that is estimated, and when it's done and I go into the Identities window, the identity now has a value of 25 or 26, which is more than requested. This wastes the user's time unnecessarily.

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    This is no bug.

    This is a random process and when you cpu calculates an higher value as requested, then this level will be used. It's sensless and needs much more time, to calculate again until your requested level is reached.

    An higher security level has no negativ efect for your client or computer.

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