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    Hey everybody,

    I'm new to C++ and tried to create my first plugin. I used my 1337 copy/paste skills to generate the code. So please don't be so harsh.

    What it does:
    Lowers your Rhythmbox volume if someone is talking and restores it afterwards. (both predefined values changeable in the settings dialog)


    • Linux 64bit (tested, works)
    • TeamSpeak 3 beta-30 build 12369
    • Rhythmbox 0.12.8

    Download: or load the attachment.

    How to install:
    Make sure you download the correct verion (64bit).
    Extract the .zip file somewhere and then simply put the "" into your TeamSpeak 3 plugins folder.

    How to use:
    Load the plugin. Done.
    You can change the settings by clicking "Settings->Plugins->select Rhythmbox Volume->Settings" in your TeamSpeak 3 client.

    The settings are saved in "/home/<usr>/.ts3client/rhythmbox.conf" once you used the settings dialog.

    Thanks to Thomas and Peilo for their great support/help. Idea based on the "Winamp4Ts3"-plugin by kasp3r.

    Use at your own risk!


    25th Sept
    - added 64bit version
    - added external download link
    28th Sept
    - changed some descriptions to make it more clear

    tags: rhythmbox, teamspeak, plugin, lower, volume, speak, talking, linux, 64bit, 32bit
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