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    Chrome OS - TS3 ?

    hey guys

    is it possible to integrate ts3 into chrome os? or any other portable os?

    i need it for school, because port 8877 (our ts port ;O) is blocked by the firewall of our f***ing school system.

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    How does this fix your problem? You still have to communicate with your server on that port. I suggest you speak with the IT guys and find out what an acceptable port would be and then change your teamspeak port to that port.

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    Poison is right, youre going to school to learn, not play chats.
    What you can do is, talk to your IT, maybe TS can be used in school for general communication, "Sprachlabor" and such.

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    u're right, but i often have free lessons
    today 4 example:
    1. free
    2. free
    3. english
    4. free
    5. geographics

    and i think, that the client itself blocks the connection (hope so)

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