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    Solved [solved] disallow Whispering?

    how do I prevent normal users to whisper to all other users on the server? (I would remove the option to whisper all users of the server by guests)
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    with our current release it is not possible to dissallow to whisper.
    It is planned to create a permision for that.

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    ok thank you

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    Exclamation Help us out please!

    Dear staff,

    I'm bumping this thread to let you know that there are quite a few Server Admins out there,
    who are forced to sit and watch as random, or systematic, Mal-behaving guests are entering their Team Speak servers,
    creating mass whisper lists and harassing everyone and their uncle on the server.

    If text messages and poke power are in place,
    why is it that whisper (which is no "whisper" by any means when placed in the hands of those set to do bad) isn't yet allowed to be moderated by the permissions system?

    Please consider creating a permission model that prevents guests from using such a powerful feature as soon as possible.

    Fellow Server Admins:
    Feel free to chime in on this if you've been experiencing this ever-increasing phenomenon on your own Team Speak 3 servers.

    Best regards,

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