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    another user-rights thread^^

    hi folks,

    what do i have to add to a certain group to be allowed to do certain things???

    to bring it to the point:
    i createted all my channels, with no rights at all.. i dont see why channels (at this point) need rights.

    i put a user in a channel in the channel admin group, he should be able to open subchannels in the channel hes channeladmin in, right? the channeladmin group has all the create and change rights.

    why cant a channel admin not put up a subchannel in the channel hes admin??

    he always get an "insufficient client permissions (gescheitert an i_channel_create_modify_with_codec_latency_factor_ min"

    i dont understand this, as he has all create rights, as stated above via the group hes in, and the channel itself dosent have anything set.
    and dont tell me i have to set each client to do that... would make groups kinda useless ^^

    as serveradmin it works, and i set the channeladmin rights for "i_channel_create_modify_with_codec_latency_factor _min" to the same as the serveradmin has.

    hell, those rights are pain in the ass...
    pls make less rights, but easier to manage ^^

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    The error message tells you what permission is causing the problem. Since this is for channel admin I'd go and set that permission in that channel group. You said you set the permission the same as the SA permission. What setting is that?

    The channels have the option to set permissions because you can do things like prevent a client from joining that channel or subscribing to that channel.

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