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    Clear Banlist when pruning

    According to some other topics about "invalid ClientID" when opening Ban-List.
    If you ban users and they get deleted from the client/client_properties table through pruning, they remain in ban-list and those the above error.

    It would be nice, that when the server is pruning old users (guests), they could be removed from the ban-list too, so you havent to do it manually by looking in the database which accounts are deleted.


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    Invalid ClientID won't appear anymore on client beta33.

    I sometimes add some bans for UID's i know and i want, that they stay after prune, because I know these user comes back to make trouble.
    Wouldn't be nice, when my bans getting deleted.

    Why you or your admins don't add bans with maximum time of 5 days or later?

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