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    Question Switching Server from Linux to Windows hosting

    A quick question. The actual important info in SQLite, meaning all the users, settings, channels & permissions, are these files different in Linux and Windows ?

    And I dont mean the executables.

    Just asking because i might switch soon from Linux to Windows hosting (Ded. Server) and I wouldn't like to loose / redo all my settings again. In Linux on my vServer I just tar'ed the Server Folder once a week. Packed it up.

    If something was going wrong, I would just delete the old files and unpack the backup in there and voila, all like before. But when I switch the OS, can I still use the important files or do I have to start over again ?

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    The database structure is the same for Linux and Windows.

    If you use SQLite you can simply copy the ts3server.sqlitedb from one to the other system. There should be no problems with the server other than custom icons having to be uploaded again if you dont copy the files folder too.

    (To give a more complete answer for future searches I will also include MySQL-MySQL migration and a switch between MySQL and SQLite in this post)

    If you want to use MySQL you will have to export your database and import it again on the new system.
    With this variant you may experience some character encoding issues in Channelnames/Descriptions with special characters, depending on the Charset you used to export and import. (This cannot happen with SQLite)

    If you want to switch from SQLite to MySQL or vice versa you will have to export your database and also import it again into a new database.
    Due to the import/exporting involved you may also experience character encoding issues for special characters with this variant.

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