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    Lightbulb [Suggestion] Inherit one Group from another

    I think it could be useful if one group can inherit it rights from a parent group and optionally override some of the rights of their parent group, like classes and methods in programming languages (C++, Java, ...).
    Example: I have 3 TS-Servers (one for me and my guild, and 2 for colleges and their guilds).
    To make it easier for them to use their server, I make the permission management.
    When I want to change 1 permission, I have to go to every server and change the permission by hand. For me it would be easier to just change it in one global group, and it would be inherited down to all 3 servers.


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    It's not a natural function of the TS3 permission system.

    But you can create an script that use the query command.
    You can also post an request on the "Addons & scripts" forum.

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