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    Are you in this case :
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    apparently having a greyed out value, and having it actually set to 0 are not the same thing. appears to have resolved the issue.

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    Apply default permissions

    I have a small gsp and i have some virtual servers running. Since last update i have guest kicking everybody on client servers and error insufficient permission modify power when i try to change it.

    After trying everything posted in the foruns i ask via support and i got this answer

    Your permissions seem to be slightly off after the update. The fastest solution is to apply the defaults SQL file which will set the permissions at a level that is more acceptable and manageable for admins such as yourself. We always strongly recommend a backup of your current database before apply the defaults.sql file. I have attached it for you here.
    Can someone explain me how to do this because in support no one do.

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    This thread will explain in more detail what happened :

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