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    Lightbulb [Request] Mute Input when alone in Channel (Radio-Stream)

    Hey guys,

    as my first post here after decades of reading posts about this and that, I have decided to finally register and make a request.

    A friend of mine and me are streaming a radio-stream on our server.
    We do that via Virtual Audio Cables and a secondary TS-Identity which is simultaneously logged into the server.
    The listeners also have to create a secondary listening-identity, so they can listen and adjust the volume of
    the radio, while speaking on another channel.

    My friends UL-bandwidth is very low, so we are looking for a way to reduce traffic and bandwidth-usage, while no one is listening.
    The radio is running 24/7. So it send's and produces traffic all the time.

    So now the request:
    We need a plugin, which automatically mutes the microphone for the streamer-account, when it is alone in it's channel.
    With that, no traffic should be produced, while nobody is listening.

    Maybe something like that has already been coded. I couldn't find anything.

    Hope someone can help me. Maybe there is a little trick, that's already built in.

    Greetz, Unr3aL

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    Yeah, I think I can do that for you I will try to do it in the next few days. If not, then send me a PM to remind me of it :P

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