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    How to create new serveradmin token?

    When I installed TS3 on my Linux server I was able to create a Server Admin and allocate the token ID to a normal user on my Windows client, all went well.

    ServerAdmin token created, please use the line below

    Since then I have reinstalled Windows. I didn't export the user info so now I can't use the token again as it can only be used once.

    Can a new ServerAdmin token be created? I do not have a serveradmin account on my client but I do know my serveradmin password.

    This would have been discussed many times I'm sure but I can't seem to find how to create a new token.


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    All sorted thanks.

    I stopped the TS3 server.
    Deleted the sqlitedb file. (actually renamed it)
    Restarted the TS3 server, which created a new database and created new passwords for the server.

    new ServerAdmin privilege key
    new Server Query Admin Acccount


    Now to reconfigure the server....

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    No need to recreate the database.
    Just do a forum search, just use ServerQuery for this.

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