since a few days I've got a big problem, because since then my package loss is 20-40%. Normal for me is 0,01-0,03%. I've got a PC which is fast enough for nearly every programm. My internet connection is a T-Com 16.000 kbit/s. I'm using W-LAN with a Speedport W700V from T-Com.

This problem appeared a few days ago I don't know what has happened. I changed nothing in these days. Yesterday I even formated my harddrives and reinstalled windows restarted the router but the problem is still existing. My problem is now that I need Teamspeak≥ for my Clan (ESL gaming) but no one can understand me.

If I join the server with my laptop there is no such package loss. So is there something I can do to change this problem?

I would be glad if you could help me fast.

Sk!pper aka LancerEvo