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    Arrow How to solve "database invalid constraint"

    Hello guys, I wanted to share with you how I fixed the error "database invalid constraint". I was looking for a solution for such a long time and none worked, so maybe I can help some of you.
    But - I'm just talking about the database invalid constraint in the "Admin Server Query" group - not the normal "Server Admin" group.

    Access to the database
    (SQLite Manager (Firefox addon))
    (Access to the serveradmin user to readd group members)

    There are actually two things that can cause this mistake - at least I think so ;-)
    1.) A Client in the Admin Server Query group has not the groupID = 0.
    How to solve it with a SQLite database:

    Download an SQL-editor - SQLite Manager for Firefox is fine.
    Open your Teamspeak 3 database "ts3server.sqlitedb" (!!You might have to tick a box to show ALL fileextentions!!) and get into the table "group_server_to_client"
    Click on Execute SQL and enter:
    UPDATE group_server_to_client SET server_id = 0 WHERE group_id = X
    where X is the groupID of your Admin Server Query group (default 2).
    Run SQL
    Job's done. Error might be fixed.

    It was not in my case. There have been double entries - so we gonna remove them now.
    Same steps as in the first solution, but do not click on execute SQL - but on "Browse & Search". There are all Servergroups of all servers of your database. What we're looking for are clients with the groupID of the Admin Server Query group - in most cases 2.
    What I did now was to click on "group_id" so that we got the clients in the right order. Now you gonna highlight every client which is in the Admin Server Query group ID (EXCEPT SERVERADMIN!!! id1=1) and delete them.
    Job's done - you've got no more invalid constraints in there. Now just readd you into the Admin Server Query group with the user "serveradmin" which you hopefully have not deleted ;-)

    I hope I could help you and you enjoyed my tutorial.
    If you find any mistakes in my spelling/grammar you can keep them and sell them on Ebay
    Mfg Madmatti

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    More simple, when you have this error message, you have an importante indication in the server log that show you where is the problem .....

    This forum have many threads for this.
    You have several tools on this forum to find the problem.

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    Fine ;-) Thats my log - would you mind to show me where the message is, please?
    2010-10-02 10:06:39.841545|INFO    |ServerLibPriv |   | Server Version: 3.0.0-beta29 [Build: 12473], Linux
    2010-10-02 10:06:39.841860|INFO    |DatabaseQuery |   | dbPlugin name:    SQLite3 plugin, Version 2, (c)TeamSpeak Systems GmbH
    2010-10-02 10:06:39.841924|INFO    |DatabaseQuery |   | dbPlugin version: 3.6.21
    2010-10-02 10:06:39.842290|INFO    |DatabaseQuery |   | checking database integrity (may take a while)
    2010-10-02 10:06:40.163977|INFO    |SQL           |   | pruning old database log entries where timestamp is older than 90 days
    2010-10-02 10:06:40.165336|INFO    |SQL           |   | pruning old guest clients where last connected time is older than 30 days, clients to remove: 67
    2010-10-02 10:06:40.387798|INFO    |SQL           |   | updated permissions to version 7
    2010-10-02 10:06:40.437926|INFO    |SQL           |   | updated permissions to version 8
    2010-10-02 10:06:40.623425|INFO    |Accounting    |   | Licensing Information
    2010-10-02 10:06:40.623516|INFO    |Accounting    |   | type              : Non-profit
    2010-10-02 10:06:40.623612|INFO    |Accounting    |   | starting date     : Wed May 19 00:00:00 2010
    2010-10-02 10:06:40.623667|INFO    |Accounting    |   | ending date       : Thu May 19 00:00:00 2011
    2010-10-02 10:06:40.623788|INFO    |Accounting    |   | max virtualservers: 10
    2010-10-02 10:06:40.623839|INFO    |Accounting    |   | max slots         : 512
    2010-10-02 10:06:40.651756|INFO    |FileManager   |   | listening on
    2010-10-02 10:06:40.711320|INFO    |VirtualServer |  1| listening on
    2010-10-02 10:06:40.764238|INFO    |VirtualServer |  2| listening on
    2010-10-02 10:06:40.842961|INFO    |VirtualServer |  3| listening on
    2010-10-02 10:06:40.900597|INFO    |VirtualServer |  5| listening on
    2010-10-02 10:06:40.967168|INFO    |VirtualServer |  7| listening on
    2010-10-02 10:06:41.030303|INFO    |VirtualServer |  8| listening on
    2010-10-02 10:06:41.082256|INFO    |VirtualServer |  9| listening on
    2010-10-02 10:06:41.132569|INFO    |VirtualServer | 10| listening on
    2010-10-02 10:06:41.181778|INFO    |VirtualServer | 11| listening on
    2010-10-02 10:06:41.243760|INFO    |VirtualServer | 12| listening on
    2010-10-02 10:06:41.244233|INFO    |CIDRManager   |   | updated query_ip_whitelist ips:,,, 
    2010-10-02 10:06:41.244611|INFO    |Query         |   | listening on

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